As Founder and CEO of Bluefort, Edward Borg Grech leads a team that delivers business technology solutions and services to customers both locally and internationally. As technology and business trends evolve, his self-professed goal is to help incumbent and start-up businesses adopt upcoming business models.

"My foundational roots began with an in-depth understanding of software and the belief that with the right mindset, technology can dramatically enhance the way we live. With over 15 years’ experience in delivering technology solutions in the USA, UK, Nordics, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium, my goal is to bring this belief to reality."

Bluefort is a Microsoft partner that aims to strengthen the foundations of a client’s business. Its team is engineered with precision, quality processes, delivering and maintaining enterprise-grade applications built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Azure platform. Its product roadmap is fuelled with the constant technological advancements of the future so clients and partners can compete and excel.

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