As an entrepreneur with a solid foundation in the hospitality industry, Claire Zammit Xuereb is driven by passion and determination to discover unexplored opportunities in the market. “Through this,” she explains, “I strive to establish pioneering and prosperous hospitality ventures.”

Being the Director of Hospitality and Care for AX Group, she oversees a renowned portfolio of seven hotels and 27 restaurants known for their exceptional guest service and high standards. Properties like Rosselli AX Privilege, AX The Palace and Michelin-starred Under Grain have become highlights of the AX Hotels brand.

“In terms of care, I brought my hospitality background and passion for positive change to the company’s successful healthcare brands,” Ms Zammit Xuereb says.

Possessing a BSc in International Hospitality Management from the University of Wales and a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from the Centre International de Glion. she sits on the Executive Board of AX Group and held various positions in the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association and the ITS Board of Governors. She is also the Chairperson of the AX Foundation, which works tirelessly to support individuals living with invisible learning disabilities.

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