“During my childhood, I spent most of my free time at the family business’s factory. On completing my studies, I joined the company and worked my way up, joining the Board of Directors of Magro Brothers (Foods) Ltd in December 2011,” Christian Magro says.

He was appointed General Manager two years later and, in January 2018, was named Chief Executive Officer of the Magro Brothers Group of Companies.

Mr Magro holds a B.Com (Hons) degree in public and private sector management from the University of Malta.

Magro Brothers Group of Companies is a private, family-owned organisation. Its roots go back to 1916 when three Magro brothers joined their father`s business as general provisions merchants.

The backbone of the organisation’s food sector remains the processing of fresh tomatoes and, in fact, Magro Brothers (Foods) Ltd is the major company within the group. It is one of the few local companies which handle the whole production cycle of tomato related products, from the growing of crops to the distribution of the finished product.

The company is also well established in several overseas markets with sales offices in UK and Ireland supplying high profile international brands. It exports just under half of its production to 20 countries spread in four continents.

As part of its policy of diversification and living up to market expectations, in 2004, Magro Brothers Group expanded the business, offering exclusive gifting and hampers of Maltese delicacies and crafts under the Savina brand. Then, in 2010, it ventured also in the production of traditional Maltese cheeses and dairy products under the popular Ħanini brand.

Get in touch: chris@magro.com.mt

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