Christabelle Camilleri has a history of working in the construction, development, retail, education and hospitality industry through the V&C Group.

She has extensive experience as an art and design professional while also having attained a Master’s degree in Accountancy as well as a B.Commerce degree in Accountancy and Marketing.

Ms Camilleri joined the V&C Group as a finance manager in 2016 after working at PwC. “I worked my way up within the Group, having overseen the launch of an education company, Lil’Ville Childcare, the purchase of Bitmac Ltd, the operations and financial aspect of V&C Contractors, V&C Developments and V&C Investments Ltd, the purchase and operations of all hotels within our hospitality portfolio as well as overseeing all employees and operations of all companies that fall within V&C Group,” she points out.

As CEO of the V&C Group, Ms Camilleri works in a fast-paced and diverse environment.

The Group knows its origins to V & C Contractors Ltd, which was registered in April 1992, becoming one of the leading contracting companies on the island. By time, it broadened its views and invested in other assets, including real estate and the tourism sector.

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