Andrew Xuereb founded Realhouse in 2005 and, since 2016, he co-owns it with Stephen Ganado. It was incorporated specifically to specialise in the provision of estate and property management services.

“Over the years, my team and I have gained valuable experience in this field, making Realhouse the main ‘go-to’ condominium administrator on the island. Services are designed to guarantee clients’ peace of mind at all times.

“While I head finance, legal and administration, Stephen leads the operations team,” Mr Xuereb explains.

Realhouse is dedicated to helping clients get the most out of their property, whether they are living in it, renting it or need someone to keep an eye on it. With years of experience in the Maltese property industry, its team understands the nuances of getting the job done properly. From organising condominium agreements and fixing problems in the common area of the building, to sourcing the ideal tenant for a client’s property, the company will find the most suitable solution.

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