Coming from a scientific and engineering background, then, over time, progressing towards the business side of the picture, Alistair Buttigieg Vella was given the opportunity to take on the position of Chief Operations Officer of Universal Import & Export in September 2018. He was, then, appointed Chief Executive Officer just over a year later.

“Despite being at the helm of the company for a relatively short period, the company has internally been restructured and refocused to provide consulting for the manufacturing industry and then following up with the material or machinery required, rather than focusing only on the products we supply. Shifting the mentality to focus on adding value through our 40 years plus of industrial experience and working more with our clients as partners and extensions of their purchasing and manufacturing departments,” he explains.

This development led to a second company, Jetho Ltd, being opened in 2020, which offers servicing support, giving more flexibility and resilience in what it can offer to any client producing a tangible product.

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