As part of TradeMalta’s mission to help local companies go international and to raise awareness on the benefits of internationalisation, it has shared the success story of Lewis Press Ltd, a local leader in pharmaceutical packaging material.

Lewis Press Ltd had its origins way back in 1949. Mrs Ennua Pace and the late Mr Emmanuel Pace, parents of existing directors, took a bold step and bought a manually operated printing machine.

Justin John Camilleri, a Business Development Manager with the company, remarks in a video message produced by TradeMalta, that back then, the company used to print tickets and invoice books.

It eventually grew, and “with a deep commitment to quality and excellent customer service, Lewis Press became a leader in the printing and packaging material industry”.

In 2004, the company took its biggest leap by deciding to start servicing the pharmaceutical industry.

The decision was coupled with the company’s third relocation, substantial investment in its GMP state of the art facility and the ISO 9001 and PS 9000 certification for its operations.

Lewis press employs around 60 employees and has several departments, starting with the pre-press, which takes care of artworks of its clients. Next is the production of printing, and finally, a rigorous quality department manned by five employees which amount to around 18 per cent of the company’s employee force.

Despite making many contacts and generating different leads, the main challenge remains finding the right client or partner, Mr Camilleri says.

“Our advantage in this matter is that we are one of the few international companies that can offer a comprehensive packaging solution to pharmaceutical companies.”

Mr Camilleri stresses that a good way to generate leads are trade shows. This is an area where TradeMalta has assisted numerous local companies. It administers the Trade Promotion Incentive Scheme to provide part-financing to businesses looking to exhibit in international trade events, fairs and exhibitions.

Mr Camilleri says the company has “started visiting and participating in trade shows, to extend our network while showcasing our products and capabilities.”

The company is passing through some interesting times. At the moment, the third generation of the family is transitioning into management, and, hand in hand with the directors, they are working tirelessly to preserve the respect of the family’s values and heritage.

Just over a year ago, Lewis Press compiled and launched its internationalisation strategy, placing internationalisation at the forefront of its priorities.
“As a company, we look forward to developing new partnerships and relationships with new companies around the world.”

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