On Thursday afternoon, the University of Malta announced the National STEM Awards, “intended to celebrate and acknowledge the work of individuals, organisations and projects who helped bring forward Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in the Maltese Islands”.

The awards are being run by the STEM Engagement Working Group which is chaired by Esplora, Malta’s Interactive Science Centre.

Nominations for the awards are open and can be submitted online.

Winners will be chosen from ten categories, with awards for:

1. Best Primary Class Teacher Award for Inspiring Children in STEM
2. Best Secondary School Teacher Award for Contribution to STEM
3. Lifetime Award for Contribution to STEM
4. Young Researcher Award
5. Award for Engaged Researcher
6. Women in STEM Award
7. STEM Ambassador Award
8. Best STEM Employer Award
9. Best STEM Community Project Award
10. Best STEM Project Award (People’s Choice)

The deadline for nominations is 15th February 2021.

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