Triagon Academy, a leading provider of quality education around Europe, has been established in Malta and will be offering courses starting in March 2021.

Triagon is an independent higher education institution which is a member of a network of higher education institutions all over Europe.

All courses are accredited by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE Malta), with students following these courses eligible for a 70 per cent tax rebate as part of the ‘Get Qualified’ Scheme.

The course being offered are:

• Doctor of Business Administration (First of its kind launched in Malta)
• Master of Business Administration
• M.Sc. in Leadership & Strategic Management

Triagon Academy’s study model blends online self-study with infrequent but highly focused on-site sessions, providing students with the flexibility needed to balance study with work and other commitments.

The Academy’s online learning platform is powered by cutting-edge technology and supported by a team of experienced lecturers, who combine modern theoretical approaches with key insights from their first-hand industry experiences.

“The current situation has been a challenge, however it also presents an opportunity for ambitious professionals to invest in themselves,” said Dr Josh Lange, a Dean at Triagon Academy Malta.

“We believe that our self-study model is an excellent solution for executives seeking to make the most of their indoor time to boost their skills and competences. Our aim is to make it easy and manageable for determined professionals to blend study into their lifestyles.”

“The robust academic framework in Malta presented an opportunity for us to bring our international expertise to the market and offer a holistic student experience to professionals,” he added. “The launch of these three courses is the first step in our long-term plans to offer a comprehensive portfolio of attractive study programmes.”

For more information, contact Triagon Academy on (+356) 7778 0803/6, email, or visit their website.

Main Image:

Triagon Dean Josh Lange

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