The Civil Aviation Directorate within Transport Malta has just approved the first helicopter approved training organisation, MH Helicopters.

No further details are given on Transport Malta’s website. However, it quotes MH Helicopters saying they are proud to be working with Transport Malta to offer the Private Pilot’s Licence for Helicopters [PPL(H)], the Commercial Pilot’s Licence for Helicopters [CPL(H)] and Type Rating Conversions.

The actual flight training will be held in Majorca, in the Balearic Islands.

“The main aim of the organisation is to offer the highest standards of training and safety, while ensuring that everyone enjoys what helicopter flying is all about: having fun,” MH Helicopters said on the Transport Malta website.

There are three basic licences prospective helicopter pilots would typically consider: a private pilot's licence, a commercial pilot's licence, and an instrument licence. Some would want to also obtain CFI and CFII certification, allowing them to also operate as flight instructors.

One can opt for a University flight school or a non-University flight school. The first, which will also include a degree, would take about two years while training at a non-University flight school would usually range between a few weeks and a few months. However, in this case, training is more intense given the shorter duration.

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