The Malta International Airshow is around the corner and this bi-annual event brings with it excitement for many aviation enthusiasts and beyond. The Airshow is a festival of colours in the sky, where the wonder of aviation is appreciated and celebrated between Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September. 

The Airshow is now organised every two years by the Malta Aviation Society (MAS) and attended by many people from the industry, aspiring students and families alike. Massimo Farrugia, recently appointed as MAS President, and Shaun Psaila, Secretary of the organisation, told that MAS’s vision is to cultivate a thriving and dynamic aviation community in Malta.

Massimo Farrugia

Massimo Farrugia, President of Malta Aviation Society 

Mr Farrugia noted that the Airshow is one of the only events in Malta, that aviation enthusiasts look forward to throughout the year. “Despite the two-year gap, our goal this year is to not just bring the airshow back.”

The aviation industry, like many others, has been impacted by COVID-19. When asked about the strategies for industry growth, Mr Farrugia and Mr Psaila stated that in light of the ongoing recovery of the industry post-pandemic, the Airshow “serves as a platform to bring in new, young talent into the industry.”

The Malta Aviation Society remarks that for the industry to grow, fresh energy and enthusiasm need to be injected. It is for that reason that during the event itself that the NGO hosts multiple aviation companies and their trade stands to attract people to their respective teams. “And also attract potential students or employees, this is where our vision and expectations align,” Mr Farrugia explained. He also added that this event has the potential to be a recruitment platform for interested parties.

On a personal note, Mr Psaila reflected on how attending their first Airshow had “bolstered the passion for aviation” for many in the MAS Committee and the broader aviation community. “The event itself inspired many young talents, be it pilot training, flight operations or even aircraft maintenance.”

Shaun Psaila

Shaun Psaila, Secretary of Malta Aviation Society 

He argues that due to Malta’s geographic location and close ties with other countries, the Airshow can attract several aircraft participants “which in the aviation community are considered rare and not so common to photograph.” This, he believes, persuades fellow enthusiasts to make their trip to Malta.

Asked further on the expected economic impact from this year’s events, Mr Farrugia stated that the Airshow brings with it “a significant economic boost” to the tourism industry, as “aviation enthusiasts from across the globe visit out island.”

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The Malta International Airshow

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