On this Monday’s episode of The Boardroom, First Vice President of the European Parliament, and Nationalist Party MEP, Roberta Metsola, will be delving into the complicated intersection of COVID, the EU and Malta’s economy.

Airing live on WhosWho.mt’s Facebook page on Monday at 3.30pm, Dr Metsola is to be interviewed by presenter and business writer Jo Caruana, where she will be asked about a wide range of topics, including whether the European Commission’s predictions on Malta’s economic growth in 2021 are too optimistic, the EU’s bumpy vaccination programme and how to future-proof Malta’s economy.

Dr Metsola, a seasoned laywer specialising in EU law, is the first Maltese national to take up the post of First Vice President of the European Parliament. She was first elected as an MEP for Malta and Gozo in 2013, becoming one of the country’s first female MEPs.

“Short-termism is one of the issues that has held back our economy for the last years. We went for the quick-fix and easy headline instead of addressing the underlying issues – it is time to think beyond concrete and more asphalt,” says Dr Metsola, ahead of tomorrow’s The Boardroom session.

Dr Metsola will also discuss Malta-UK relations post-Brexit and Malta’s drive and lack of results towards a circular economy.

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