Back after a short hiatus, The Boardroom will be airing live on 18th March (tomorrow) at 11.30am on’s Facebook page, with female empowerment being top of the agenda.

Presented by business writer Jo Caruana, tomorrow’s session will see Rebecca Bonnici, Owner and CEO of Business English Language School Ltd (BELS), Krystle Penza, Managing Director at Mvintage Jewels and Martina Zammit, CEO and Co-founder of GADGETS, share their experiences as decision-makers within their respective businesses.

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(Left to right)Martina Zammit, CEO and Co-founder of GADGETS, Rebecca Bonnici, Owner and CEO of Business English Language School Ltd (BELS) and Krystle Penza, Managing Director at Mvintage Jewels

Ms Penza is an entrepreneur with more than 15 years experience in fashion brands, brand management, distribution, wholesale, retail and franchising. As co-founder and Managing Director of the widely-popular Maltese jewellery brand Mvintage, Ms Penza is on a mission to empower women to achieve greater things in life and promote more equality.

Ms Zammit is at the helm of a media company, GADGETS, that offers an entertaining, easy and inspiring means of grasping innovation and technology.

As owner and CEO of BELS, Ms Bonnici’s vision revolves around putting together tailor-made programmes for companies by identifying and fine-tuning key performance characteristics related to the specific area of business.

Tomorrow’s episode will see the above debate the obstacles, challenges and advantages experienced by women at the workplace, their views on gender quotas and how to increase gender diversity in the corporate boardroom.

The three executives will share their advice on overcoming gender-related obstacles at the workplace, at a time when many working parents are struggling through balancing family and work, as schools have been ordered shut and the pandemic places greater pressure on households.

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