RE/MAX Malta is celebrating the success of its Go4More campaign, which aimed to help associates boost their productivity, increase their knowledge and enhance the overall customer experience.

Launched simultaneously across 25 countries last September by RE/MAX Europe, the Go4More campaign set out to assist associates with increasing their productivity by fitting an additional four activities into their schedule per week, such as updating more listings, bringing in new listings, promoting themselves through the RE/MAX marketing centre and bringing in testimonials from satisfied customers.

The campaign offered all RE/MAX associates exclusive access to weekly educational webinars and video tutorials delivered by industry experts and was designed to enhance their knowledge and to offer guidance as to how to utilise specific tools and also to improve different skillsets. Each associate was also provided with customised marketing material that they could use to promote themselves.

“We took the Go4more campaign to a different level in Malta. We focused on specific -business generating tools and taught our associates how to utilise them to improve the customer experience.” said RE/MAX Malta CEO, Jeffrey Buttigieg. He explained that one of the tools that had a huge uptake in usage during the campaign was the competitive market analysis (CMA). A CMA is a tool that assists vendors in pricing a property – by comparing similar listings that are on the market and those that have been sold in the same location.

The campaign received a positive response from RE/MAX associates throughout the Maltese islands, increasing local productivity by an impressive 25 per cent in just four months.

“At RE/MAX, we know that consistent hard work leads to success – and we believe that recognising and rewarding that hard work is key,” says Mr Buttigieg. “We are proud of every one of our team members who used this opportunity to become more productive on a daily basis and to learn through the Go4More campaign – particularly during the difficult times of the pandemic – and we will be rewarding each of the top associates from our offices with a weekend break for two at Hilton Malta.”

The associates that were the most productive from each office during the Go4more campaign will also be entered into a competitive team building, which has been postponed for the time being due to COVID-19.   Each winner will represent their office and the office that wins the competition will be sent for a day trip to Sicily. 

"We congratulate all of our associates on their efforts and hope they enjoy the results of their hard work," Mr Buttigieg concludes.  The list of associates is as follows:

Michael MartinRE/MAX Affiliates - Executives Ibragg
Andrew BrincatRE/MAX Affiliates - Excellence Preluna
Raymond GattRE/MAX Affiliates - Professionals Marsascala
Audrey Cordina SaccoRE/MAX Affiliates - Professionals Fgura
Dorian GrechRE/MAX Affiliates - Professionals Qormi
Aldo BezzinaRE/MAX Blue Harbour
Nick PortelliRE/MAX Affiliates - Property Centre Rabat, Gozo
Katerina BiloccaRE/MAX Affiliates - Professionals Sliema
Ludmila MoraruRE/MAX Affiliates - Advantage Msida
Adam MicallefRE/MAX Affiliates - Crown Sliema
Kyle AzzopardiRE/MAX Affiliates - Excellence Balluta
Michele LuciaRE/MAX Affiliates - Professionals Qawra
Steve SchembriRE/MAX Central - Birkirkara
Brian ZammitRE/MAX Affiliates - Specialists Tigne Point
Onyx DimechRE/MAX Affiliates - Specialists Portomaso
David BonelloRE/MAX Lettings Affiliates Qui Si Sana
Javier LopezRE/MAX Lettings Affiliates Crown
Pablo Andres MadrigalRE/MAX Lettings Strand 
Jolene BugejaRE/MAX Lettings Affiliates Gozo
Vanya AquilinaRE/MAX Lettings Affiliates SQL
Loredana ChituRE/MAX Lettings Msida
Maria MalliaRE/MAX Lettings Affiliates Sliema
Michael Curmi RE/MAX Lettings Affiliates SQL
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