Christine Pace

Managing Director

Dorkins Ltd | CMB Property Management Ltd


Dorkins Ltd


CMB Property Management Ltd


Business Profile

I have been involved in the fashion retail business for over three decades, starting my career employed with a clothing boutique to growing a multi-brand franchise company.

We have recently announced the launch of five new stores in Sliema, including three new brands for the Group: Salsa Jeans, Stonefly | Fitflop, UPIM (Croff Home, BluKids), Sisley, as well as a new Clarks Men, Women and Kids Store.

Dorkins Ltd, managed by my husband, Bobby, and myself, is proud to represent top fashion brands the likes of Superdry, Marella, Salsa Jeans, Stonefly | Fitflop, UPIM (Croff Home, BluKids), Sisley and Clarks, all in prime locations in Sliema and Valletta. It was never easy but definitely always a pleasure.

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