“It is important to think in advance when it comes to pest control,” begins Arnold Sciberras, better known in Malta as a popular pest control consultant, ‘The Exterminator’. “To help prepare our customers’ homes for the summer – peak time for pest activities – our systems create barriers to prevent, as much as possible, pests from entering properties to begin with.”

Prevention over cure, using methods that work with rather than against nature, has long been the mission of the man behind Malta’s favourite pest control brand.

“We aim to provide a professional pest control system that has the least-possible impact on the environment and ecosystem,” Mr Sciberras goes on. “I am a naturalist, so we work hard to preserve and protect nature through the use of the most natural ingredients and limiting the use of chemicals where possible, while assuring high effectiveness and no harm to the ones not affected.”

Pest control brand ‘The Exterminator’ launches new website and online shop

The Exterminator Pest Control Services began as a single-person operation centred around Mr Sciberras’ expertise as a well-known entomologist, researcher and pest control consultant. Today, still shaped around his nature-oriented core values, the ever-growing brand aims to solve all domestic, industrial, agricultural and environmental pest-related issues. It also forms part of Degiorgio Vassallo Ventures Ltd, a group of companies dedicated to driving talented and innovative entrepreneurs towards local and international success.

Indeed, in recent years, The Exterminator’s success story with Mr Sciberras at its helm has included significant growth, as it expanded its team of trained and experienced pest controllers to meet the rising demand of local businesses and homeowners – and explore new opportunities beyond Malta. “Within the past two years, the company has invested heavily in growing both its services and its team. We have also started to venture internationally, with clients even calling us from abroad requesting our expert team’s pest control services,” he reveals.

While The Exterminator’s offering starts to garner attention overseas, in Malta its service range ensures the company is a top choice for customers, particularly with homeowners battling cockroach or ant infestation. “Our most popular treatments are those that protect against roaches and ants, as homeowners try to safeguard their properties against them,” Mr Sciberras explains. “Having said that, we don’t just provide the service itself, but also advise on how to reduce the chance of future infestations, such as avoiding creating habitats that tend to attract these pests. Ours is a holistic, non-invasive approach that uses preventive measures rather than direct intervention.”


The Exterminator also remains the leading local provider of hornet nest removal – a service, Mr Sciberras shares, that is especially in demand in summertime and as numbers of oriental hornets indigenous to the Mediterranean continue to rise – and the team also offers a unique approach regarding feral pigeon control.

“We are actively involved with the local council association in a project that aims to control the feral pigeon species,” he says. “In this case, we use a pigeon contraceptive treatment, specialised for a certain kind of pigeon, to limit the birth rate of pigeons and control their population naturally. This removes the need to resort to culling any birds or committing any form of cruelty, as it exclusively controls and caters to that specific species of pigeon via its food.”

Improving the company’s extensive service range still further, The Exterminator is also the proud local representative of Orkin Pest Control, one of the largest pest control franchises in the world. The global industry leader launched a range of products last year that treat a variety of pest infestations, specifically designed for do-it-yourself customers.

Pest control brand ‘The Exterminator’ launches new website and online shop

So, as the company prepares for the busy summer months to come, it has recently launched a new website and online shop to offer homeowners more control in dealing with infestations. “Our website provides a one-stop-shop portal where customers can book their pest control service directly via the website, as well as shop for products,” continues Mr Sciberras. “It puts customers in control, so they do not have to rely on the availability of one of our customer service agents to book appointments or purchase products. Through the online portal, the customer can now find whatever they need, 24/7.”

The Exterminator online shop also empowers homeowners to carry out preventive or follow-up treatments themselves, he goes on. “We still recommend that our expert team performs the initial treatment, but customers can purchase and apply follow-up products via our special kits, to help maintain its effectiveness. We also sell other products such as traps and baits to address a wide variety of pest-related issues. All of our products are professional, high quality and have been extensively tested by our team to ensure good results.”

Meanwhile, as The Exterminator continues to invest in thorough scientific work and research – to add to its more than two decades of providing professional pest control services – it contributes to scientific publications related to specialised sectors to educate the public on the improvement of the pest control industry across the Maltese islands. And with methods rooted both in science and in nature, The Exterminator’s reputation for experience, quality service and environmentally aware pest control solutions continues to gather momentum with customers near and far.

“The company is an expert at what it does,” concludes Mr Sciberras, pointing to the source of The Exterminator’s ongoing success. “Our lead pest controllers travel extensively to learn about new species and how to control them. Hence, customers receive a service that is not hit and miss, but rather a safe, integrated pest management system backed by research and proven to work.”

For more information on how The Exterminator Pest Control Services can assist both businesses and individuals, visit the new website and online shop at www.exterminatormalta.com

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