Malta-headquartered recruitment agency Castille has expanded its operations to Ireland as it aims to delve into the global market, Founder and CEO Matthew Camilleri has revealed. The expansion to Ireland sees Mr Camilleri and his family relocate to Southern Irish town Cork, after "12 months of personal and corporate planning". 

The company already has a presence in a number of countries, but when contacted directly by, Mr Camilleri explained that “our focus now is to go global".

While the move represents a huge step for the company, Castille's headquarters will remain in Malta, which "continues to be an important growth market for the company,” he added.


Castille's headquarters in Floriana

“I have finally put my bags down in Cork, Ireland,” Mr Camilleri said through a separate social media announcement. As the Camilleri family roots itself into the local community, Mr Camilleri will “be reaching out to business communities here [in Ireland] to start putting a face to our brand in Ireland”.

Over recent years, Castille has become a global network for “hard-to-find specialist talent” in technology and finance positions, with “active teams of software engineers and accountants in 28 countries, servicing clients in five markets,” he added.

Mr Camilleri founded Castille in 2007 to leverage the company’s “expert industry and market knowledge” to assist businesses and professionals achieve “higher performance and outstanding results”.

“Our track record boasts client retention rates of 92 per cent with many of our eight-year plus clients still growing their labs teams,” Mr Camilleri added.

Castille’s platform attracts over 1,500 candidate registrations every month, with around 1.5 million unique candidates per year. “These numbers have been growing by some 30 to 50 per cent every month in the last quarter, mainly driven by the investment we’re making in creating unique digital experiences for candidates looking for global work opportunities in tech and finance,” Mr Camilleri explained.

The expansion to Ireland is centred on providing the Irish ecosystem with access to Castille’s “premium specialist talent in specific time zones”. The company’s diverse candidates are pre-vetted and certified, as clients receive “intraday access to short-lists of candidates who are available for work within one to four weeks”.

He thanked the team at Castille for “making this exciting journey even possible”, as well as the Irish for “providing us with such a warm welcome”.

Apart from his role at Castille, Mr Camilleri is also a member of Irish member-driven technology organisation it@cork’s board, as well as Non-Executive Board Member at retail goods firm M&Z plc and Director at Castille’s holding company San Anton Holdings Limited.

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