Steph Scicluna is "thrilled" to return to Growth Gurus as Head of Marketing.

While she made the announcement on Monday, she started working in her new position in March.

“We’re back together, both bigger, better, and stronger than ever,” Ms Scicluna said.

She remarked that Growth Gurus has supported her personal and professional growth "through thick and thin," over the years, while no other company could “ever celebrate my strengths so intensely, whilst supporting and guiding me through working on my weaknesses”.

She previously served as Creative Director for almost four years at the company, where she was in charge of idea generation and development, social media management, market research, and several other tasks.

Growth Gurus has inspired her and given her confidence to “keep smashing it and coming back for more”.

“We give each other what we need to thrive, together,” she continued.

Ms Scicluna said that she’s “back with more walk, more talk, and ready to get my hands dirty,” before concluding by saying: “Once a Guru, always a Guru.”

Over the years, she has amassed an extensive range of experience within marketing and creatives, with her also working as a Freelance Creative in photography and creative consultancy for more than 14 years, as well as a Senior Creative Executive at news platform Lovin Malta Ltd for almost two years.

Her expertise in photography also led to her being a lecturer at MCAST for five years, teaching the skill in several areas, particularly creative thinking, studio photography, contextual theory and fine art photography.

Growth Gurus is a digital marketing agency that seeks help its clients increase their brand’s value “by sharing valuable content” and by boosting its exposure “by building meaningful connections on social media”.

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