The Global Chamber of Business Leaders last month announced the appointment of Nigel Scicluna as Senior Advisor of its Young Business Leaders Program.

The OSA Group General Manager has also been named Co-Chair of the programme, which is specifically designed for students and young professionals aged between 18 and 35. Last year, he was appointed as its Delegate for Malta, a role he is still responsible for to this day.

As a result, he becomes the first Maltese national to be entrusted with such roles, an achievement that he said he is “very proud” of. The appointments are valid for a limited term of two years.

Nigel Scicluna

Nigel Scicluna / Global Chamber of Business Leaders / LinkedIn

The Global Chamber of Business Leaders is described as a coalition of governmental leaders, CEOs and executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and business and industry leaders who share the common vision to promote the “sustainable wellbeing and growth of business in a disruptive and ever-evolving global economy”. It operates in more than 120 countries around the world, and has representatives from these nations, who are either appointed delegates of a specific country, or cover regions altogether.

Mr Scicluna started his career in business management in recent years with the ambition to become a business leader within the various sectors that he has been tasked with at OSA Group, including OSA Digital Travel Services Ltd, the group’s licensed destination management company that has unique segmental niches within the touristic market. He takes care of the day-to-day management of the group, which also contains three different catering outlets spread across Malta.

His business development skills help keep the respective companies in line with the aims and vision set. Additionally, together with the present companies, OSA Group will be expanding into different areas of business in the coming months, including within the hospitality sector along with other industries.

Additionally, he is a Member of the Malta Chamber of SMEs, and a Business Consultant at global technology company VaporVM. He has also recently been appointed on the leadership council for Global Urban Development Malta, a non-profit organisation that is part of a network of more than 700 dynamic and well-known urban leaders and experts in 60 countries.

Mr Scicluna is also undergoing a Bachelor of Commerce in Management and Marketing degree at the University of Malta.

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