Michael Stivala is officially no longer 'acting' President of the Malta Developers Association (MDA), after a vote taken last month by its council saw him unanimously voted in as President of the influential development association.

Mr Stivala first took the position as Acting President at the MDA’s Annual General Meeting late last year, when no one stepped forward to replace his predecessor Sandro Chetcuti.

Sitting down with WhosWho.mt to discuss the position, he explained his initial reluctance, pointing out that leading such a key association would be a major demand on his time, which might be difficult considering the significant professional requirements from his position helming the Stivala Group of companies. He also acknowledges that the position can be a controversial one.

He explains that in his time as Acting President, he learned that the demands on his time were manageable.

In the position, he says he expects the association to continue building on the progress it has made in its last decade. On a personal level, he acknowledges that following in the footsteps of his popular predecessor, Mr Chetcuti, will be something of a challenge.

For Mr Stivala, holding the voluntary position is more than simply a professional pursuit. He explains that, like the rest of the MDA council, he enjoys working for the association, and that it’s his main hobby.

“I’ve been a member for the past eight years. I’ve learned a lot and got to meet lots of different people,” he comments, adding that “we work hard, because success comes from hard work.”

Providing a brief overview of the MDA’s agenda for the coming months and years, he says that the association is convinced that it can bring valid and viable proposals to the table, and that it will seek to balance environmental needs with the economy – both of which are important.

Ultimately, he emphasises that the MDA only ever proposes “win-win” initiatives, which benefit developers by benefiting regular people.

“While some people look at us as boogeymen, those who know how the industry works, how politics work, look at us very positively,” he concludes.

Mr Stivala is joined on the MDA council by Vice President Denise Xuereb, Paul Attard as Secretary General, Carlo Mifsud as Assistant Secretary General, and Alfred Camilleri as Treasurer.

Anton Camilleri, Leon Chetcuti, Pierre Galea, Malcolm Malli and Pio Vassallo will also be present as members of the council.

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