MAP IT have announced that they are now Sharperlight partners, allowing them to offer their clients a business intelligence platform to complement their custom and off-the-shelf business software products.

Sharperlight is a low maintenance, highly flexible reporting, and business intelligence platform. It provides access to data across multiple business management systems, helping customers make intelligent and timely business decisions ahead of their competition.

The suite includes pre-configured reports, offering users the ability to effortlessly generate and modify reports with a range of features. These include web browser accessibility, facilitating self-service reporting, and real-time updates with automatic integration into Microsoft Excel, reducing the need for manual data manipulation.

Sharperlight empowers users to independently create and adjust reports without IT intervention, fostering self-sufficiency. To enhance user proficiency, the solution offers instructional videos and a comprehensive guide for users to maximize its benefits at their own pace.

Sharperlight Web Reporting enables the creation and presentation of reports directly within the web application or through Excel, with access control ensuring users only view relevant data. The support for web dashboards provides a swift overview of organisational performance based on various data sources.

The Excel Add-on for Real-Time Reporting facilitates easy access and design of management and statutory reports, as well as addressing ad-hoc requests through an intuitive, wizard-driven report builder. The reports can be viewed in real-time or scheduled for recurring distribution.

Sharperlight also features automated email distribution through a scheduler, simplifying information dissemination within the organisation. Reports can be tailored to individual recipients, ensuring that each recipient receives only relevant information.

A distinctive aspect of Sharperlight is its ability to report across multiple data sources, interfacing with standard databases like Microsoft SQL, Access, Oracle, MySQL as well as ERP systems such as SAP Business One and Microsoft Business Central. This capability empowers organisations to make informed, data-driven decisions, thereby accelerating growth and profitability.

To find out more about how Sharperlight can simplify your reporting, send an email on [email protected] or call on 21359119.

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