Maltese microbiology research firm BioArt Ltd has created an innovative method through the analysis of microbiomes which can assist better doctors in the therapeutic care they provide to their patients relating to an array of diseases, including COVID-19.

Visiting the company at its premises, the Life Sciences Park, Minister for Research, Innovation and the Co-ordination of post-COVID-19 Strategy Owen Bonnici stated that: “It is of great satisfaction for us to be showing our support to this company which is based in Malta building a solid reputation in the field of research in the areas of health and life sciences”.

Besides its “invaluable” research work, BioArte also offers employment opportunities to a number of highly qualified researchers from Malta and the European Union, the Minister added.

BioArte Director Manuele Biazzo explained that the company carries out research on genetics as well as on microbiota.

He also explained that microbiota are different types of microoganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses found in many organisms ranging from plants to animals.

“In order for us to feel good and health, we need our microbiota to be well balanced. When it is not, a variety of pathological conditions can occur. Factors that can influence the balance of our microbiota can be genetic, but they can also be environmental, like our diet or the use of antibiotics”, stated Prof Biazzo.

With the innovative research his company has carried out, they are in a position to correlate the analysis of the microbiota with the health of a person, he said.

“Therefore, we assist doctors to provide solutions to their patients in order to either maintain good health or assist them in situations where a patient has health problems”.

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