Malta-based luxury furnishing company Onepercent Group on Wednesday took to social media to pay tribute to a former colleague who tragically lost her life that same day after being run down in the street.

Pelin Kaya, a 30-year-old Turkish national residing in Malta lost her life when she was hit by a black BMW, driven by Jeremie Camilleri, at 1am on Testefarrata Street, Gzira. She was walking by KFC Gzira when the driver lost control of his vehicle, hit a structure at a nearby petrol station and crashed into Ms Kaya, and the restaurant’s glass window.

Eyewitnesses reported to have seen the driver exit the vehicle and assaulted the victim by throwing bricks at her.

Local news reports cite sources who say that Ms Kaya and the driver did not know each other, suggesting it was simply a random and devastating act. Reports also say that the driver had tested positive for cocaine and alcohol.

Ms Kaya was taken to hospital following the incident, and died shortly after. The Turkish national was an interior designer, and provided her services at luxury furnishing company Onepercent Group.

On Wednesday, the Group expressed its sadness in the following statement:

“Today, we have tragically lost a dear teammate and above all, a friend. Having formed part of our team for the past year, Pelin has left an indelible mark on us all that will never be forgotten. Our sincere condolences to Pelin's family. We are all lost for words as we reel in shock from this tragedy.

“May she rest in peace."

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Pelin Kaya (second from left) and colleagues 

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