Malta Gaming Authority’s Chief Executive Officer, Heathcliff Farrugia, will not be renewing his contract at the MGA, the Government announced in a statement.

The MGA’s chief officer for authorisations, Karl Brincat Peplow, is also expected to seek new ventures.

The duration period of when their contracts end shall be determined by the MGA Board in the coming weeks.

Mr Farrugia had joined the MGA as its chief operations officer back in 2014. Two years on, he was appointed chief regulatory officer within the authority.

The outgoing CEO was formerly a member of the supervisory council, co-chaired the Fit & Proper Committee and was entrusted with the assessment of the fit and properness of individuals and companies applying for an MGA licence.

He was then appointed CEO of the MGA in 2017.

Prior to joining the regulator, Mr Farrugia worked in the telecoms industry, primarily with Vodafone Malta.

Mr Brincat Peplow joined the MGA back in 2009 as a systems and financial auditor.

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