Judge Ramona Frendo has received approval to serve as Judge on the European Court of Justice after a panel of judges from seven countries deemed that she has the necessary qualifications to do so, Government stated on Thursday (today).

The decision was first announced on Wednesday during a conference of the representation of governments of the member states, which was convened in Brussels.

This comes after a selection committee had recommended Dr Frendo to occupy the post last January.

Dr Frendo has since 2019 served as Judge on the General Courts of the European Union (EU), and has 22 years of experience in the legal profession, working in different areas ranging from litigation in matters of civil nature, commercial, criminal, the area of insurance, family law, and also industrial.

She obtained her formal education from University of Malta, University of Cambridge, and also from Kings College London.

Dr Frendo was also a consultant for a range of branches of national law and also served in Malta’s Presidency within the EU Council.

In the statement, Government expressed its belief in Dr Frendo that just how she showed her abilities at the General Court of the EU, she will also do so at the EU Court of Justice.

Government also thanked Judge Peter J. Xuereb, who previously occupied the position, for his service at the EU Court of Justice.

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Judge Ramona Frendo

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