Konnekt Recruitment Specialist Jordan Caruana highlighted the importance of communication and time management in the world of work, in a social media post he shared on Thursday to mark six months at the recruitment agency.

Since he came from a marketing and retail background, the move to the company has been a “plunge into the unknown” for Mr Caruana, given he had no prior human resources (HR) experience, yet he added that it “was so worth it”. As a result, he shared six vital lessons he has learned working at Konnekt so far.

He started by stressing the importance of communication, as it is “the foundation of efficiency, trust, and a positive working environment”. While being able to speak about successes is important, doing so about failures, weaknesses and opportunities should also be discussed, as this “ensures growth for both the individual and the organisation”.

Time management is another vital skill that is often overlooked. “One thing most people do is simply write time management as a skill in their resume while in reality they are managing time ineffectively and insufficiently,” Mr Caruana explained. His experience at Konnekt has allowed him to manage his projects and workload “strategically and effectively”, while also maintaining his “focus and answering to emergencies within a fast-paced environment”.

He also emphasised how crucial practicing a company’s values is to establish a healthy company culture which “encourages teamwork, boosts morale, boots production and efficiency, and increases employee retention”. A nice work environment relieves some of the stress imposed on employees, “especially in recruitment when you are dealing with people all day long”.

Mr Caruana added that this is one of the ways that employers can truly take care of their workforce, something “few employers manage to understand”. “Caring for your employees is a bigger return on investment than anything else. This is important as a brand’s reputation is affected by an employee’s experience,” he continued. An employee that feels cared for “automatically gives back” and cares for the organisation even more.

In addition to this, Mr Caruana remarked that learning and development are important, as “a good employer is one who invests in you”. In fact, a recent survey by MISCO Consulting showed that investing in training is likely to improve employee retention.

Lastly, he put the spotlight on the value of having a diverse workplace, filled with “different clients, candidates and colleagues with different backgrounds, beliefs and cultures”. “This brings so much colour, ideas, discussions and new experiences to the workplace,” he concluded.

Mr Caruana holds a Master of Science in Strategic Management & Marketing and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Tourism Studies, both from University of Malta.

Established in 2007 as a recruitment project for another company, Konnekt has since evolved into recruitment agency with “integrity, dedication and result-orientation” as its core values.

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