After 15 years at the helm of the Malta Business Bureau (MBB), Joe Tanti is leaving his position as CEO.

Mr Tanti was first appointed to the role in 2009, the year after Malta officially adopted the Euro. Under Mr Tanti’s leadership, the MBB has issued countless initiatives, talks, workshops and information sessions bridging the gap between EU policy and directives that impact the local business community.

A highly familiar face and name in local business circles, and for a number of years, he represented BUSINESSEUROPE at the European Commission Working Group on the Modernisation of Higher Education. 

Mr Tanti also has extensive experience in EU-funding, and is a Business Mentor of both the Enterprise Europe Network and Early Warning Europe Network.

He is known for having mentored the several university graduates recruited to the MBB once he took on the role of CEO, made possible due to his extensive previous managerial and training experience. 

In the area of Entrepreneurship, he has been a catalyst in the launch of ZAAR - Malta’s first crowdfunding platform - a project spearheaded by the Foundation for the Promotion of Entrepreneurial Initiatives of which he is chair - set up jointly by the Malta Business Bureau and the University of Malta.

What is the Malta Business Bureau and who does it represent?

The MBB represents the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association in Brussels and Malta, liaising directly with European institutions, the Maltese Permanent Representation and with umbrella organisations such as BusinessEurope, EUROCHAMBRES and HOTREC.

Its primary role is to inform the Maltese business community about EU policies and laws relevant to their operations, as well as to keep them informed about EU funding opportunities. The MBB has extensive experience in EU-funded projects aligning with both EU objectives and Maltese business interests. Additionally, it offers business support services, notably through their Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) provision.

Who will next lead the Malta Business Bureau?

The MBB is officially recruiting its next CEO, while Mr Tanti will leave his role after a new leader is found, ensuring a smooth transition. Adverts have cropped up on LinkedIn asking for candidates to apply by 22nd March, while a job description has been posted to the organisation’s website.

“As CEO, the candidate will be responsible for providing strategic direction, driving growth, and ensuring the overall success of the organisation. The CEO shall be responsible to lead a team specialising in different areas ranging from EU policy, project management, business support, and communications.

“Nurturing MBB’s open-door culture and encouraging employee satisfaction and development should be at the forefront of their agenda. While ensuing continuity, the CEO shall be encouraged to introduce any necessary structural changes to the organisation which capitalise on employee talents and respective years of experience.”

Duties include managing overall operations, leading the organisation as it monitors EU policy, informing the business community about upcoming developments, maintaining regular contact with EU institutions via its Brussels office, identifying EU funding opportunities applying where it would benefit the local business community, business development, raising the organisation’s public profile and more.

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