Mark Camilleri Gambin is a big believer in the potential of technology to make our working lives easier. 

As Founder and Director of Talexio, he is offering a solution designed to save time and cut costs.

“Software can free HR people from time-consuming administrative work and chasing, so they can focus on what truly matters—employee wellbeing, performance and efficiency,” he says.

Mr Camilleri Gambin encourages businesses to embrace the right technology that works alongside their people to help the business grow and optimise productivity.

“With Talexio, you can streamline core operational processes such as timesheet approvals, onboarding, training, leave and much more,” he continues.

"This has endless benefits, such as increasing employee morale and retention and higher profit levels."

Automate processes with Talexio checklists

One great way to save time is to set up checklist templates for all your standard processes, such as onboarding, induction and offboarding.

Talexio automatically notifies your people about their upcoming tasks. In addition, with the software’s pinned checklist feature, users can easily see what they need to get done from their employee dashboard.

All you have to do is monitor their status through a consolidated view - so you know what still needs to get done, by when and whom.

Insightful reporting

Gathering data is necessary if you want to make strategic decisions for your business.

Traditionally, such information is collected in complicated spreadsheets with complex formulas or in sporadic systems.

But what if you could gather clean and easily interpretable data in seconds? Talexio gives you the ability to generate and export accurate custom reports and statistical insights, such as sick leave records, turnover rates and terminations, and salary reports, with the click of a button.

What's more, thanks to in-built filtering and data selection, you can quickly find what you're looking for, understand what's going on, and how you can make decisions moving forward.

Streamline workflows

We've all found ourselves spending almost an entire day approving tasks and chasing people without getting any real work done.

With a Human Resources Information System, HR can focus on fundamental issues such as employee engagement and retention by streamlining processes such as approvals, onboarding, leave requests, performance reviews, training, catch-ups, and more.

You can also give your people ownership of their workload, such as tracking their own time, reducing the need for you to micromanage - which ultimately decreases employee productivity and increases turnover.

What makes Talexio different from everything else on the market?

Talexio aims to improve individual and organisational wellbeing around the employer-worker relationship by simplifying processes and making information easier to access and utilise.

Talexio is an employee-centric, all-inclusive HR platform, meaning that everything is interconnected into one system - once a change is made in one area, it is automatically updated wherever relevant.

So, for example, if timesheet data is changed, payroll is automatically updated - reducing errors and the need for manual inputting.

Mr Camilleri Gambin wants to offer the best value to clients, and he is confident that once you try out Talexio, you will stay because you love it.

“In fact,” he says, “our APIs remain free to use, and we will never trap you into a closed system. Moreover, as we constantly and reliably release new updates, you will also benefit from new improvements and the best user experience.

Asked what he believes HR will look like in the future, Mr Camilleri Gambin says he believes in the potential of HR systems to support HR professionals in being present and building strategies while the software “does all the tedious work”.

“My hope for Talexio is that it will do the work for the user and essentially fade into the background, presenting data and intelligent insights to tell you what you need to know when you need to know it."

This allows you to focus more of your time on the really important part – people!

Learn more about Talexio or book a free demo today.

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