Lawrence Gonzi, Malta’s Prime Minister between 2004 and 2013, has taken to social media to offer a word of encouragement for “all those who have offered to be of service to their community by entering today’s troubled and challenging world of politics”.

He pointed to the “havoc caused by the COVID-19 virus, its harsh impact on our economies, the sorry state of our planet and the incessant negativity that surrounds us”.

Citing a “refreshingly powerful statement made by Pope Francis last Wednesday,” Dr Gonzi remarked that:

“Good politics that puts the human person and the common good at its center is possible”.

Pope Francis, last Wednesday, commented that:

"Unfortunately, politics does not often have a good reputation, and we know why. This is not to say that all politicians are bad, no, I do not want to say this. I am only saying that unfortunately, politics does not often have a good reputation. But we should not resign ourselves to this negative vision, but instead react to it by showing in deeds that good politics is possible, indeed dutiful, one that puts the human person and the common good at the center" (as reported in the English edition of l'Osservatore Romano of Friday 11th September 2020).

The Nationalist Party is currently going through exceptionally turbulent times, with a leadership election to be held on 3rd October.

Incumbent Adrian Delia – who was elected by the PN’s paid-up members in September 2017 after the Opposition lost a second consecutive general election – will go head-to-head against challenger Bernard Grech.

While Dr Gonzi’s statement makes no reference to the PN’s position, it comes at a time where his former party remains locked in battle and while Malta continues to weather the economic storm caused by COVID-19.

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