Gasan Group has announced that its Piazzetta Business Plaza, conceived by architects Martin Xuereb & Associates, has been awarded the Planning Authority “Award for Public Open Spaces”.

The award highlighted the quality of the design and the substantial impact made to the surrounding environment, both visually and in terms of usability, the Group says.

Describing the project, it says it focused on the redevelopment of this extensive historic seafront site in the heart of Sliema to create a unique mixed-use space incorporating 8,000 square meters of high-end office, with 1,000 square metres of public open space and 800 square meters of catering and retail spaces.

The architects of the project explained, “the design of the new façade and split-level piazza stemmed and radiated from the curves, lines and geometry of the building’s 1920s façade, surrounding buildings and streets, which were designed to seamlessly link the functional requirements and activities of each zone to create distinct yet similar spaces, such as the quieter pedestrian piazza on the upper level and the busier commercial outlets below."

Gasan Group, Martin Xuereb & Associates project wins Planning Authority ‘Public Open Spaces’ Award

“The project ties in the classical design of the building and proportions with contemporary materials to create a subtle blend of old and new. From the flowing fountains and railings to the paving placement, geometry, and marriage of materials, all the elements across the project blend to create a harmonious symphony, which links everything around it,” they continued.

Gasan Group, Martin Xuereb & Associates project wins Planning Authority ‘Public Open Spaces’ Award

Gasan Group says the Piazzetta Business Plaza redevelopment is the latest example of its century-old commitment to a responsible and socially conscious approach, priding itself in consistently delivering a positive contribution to Malta on both an economic and social level.

Mark Gasan, Chief Executive at the Gasan Group commented, “on behalf of the Group, we are proud that the major redevelopment of the historic site has been recognised with this award. This project will create long-term social and economic benefit to Malta, improving the local area for the benefit of the public and creating an iconic space in the heart of Sliema that can be enjoyed for generations to come.”

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