Stephanie Fabri, an economist who has been at the forefront of public economic discussion and policymaking over recent years, has been appointed to the Board of the Malta Stock Exchange, where she is looking forward to participating in the institution’s “essential” role in the Maltese economy.

Speaking to, Dr Fabri described the appointment as a “privilege”, and expressed her enthusiasm for working with the rest of the Board and the whole team at the MSE.

“The Malta Stock Exchange,” she said, “is of course an essential institution for capital raising.”

“However,” she continued, “it also plays a key role in promoting green finance and the green transition, as well as embracing technology and innovation.”

Dr Fabri, who was involved in drafting Malta’s employment policy, and who serves as a non executive director at Malta Dairy Products, the producers of the popular Benna range, will be serving as a Board Member while contributing to sub-committees within the MSE.

She brings to the institution a wealth of experience in both private and public sectors, as well as in academia, thanks to her years as a lecturer and researcher at the University of Malta.

Her work has focused on entrepreneurship, strategic management and public policy, and she has extensive experience in applying economics to firms, consumers and communities.

Dr Fabri read for her PhD at the University of Warwick and her dissertation looked at strategic management in British companies. In her dissertation, she applied mathematical models used in Artificial Intelligence (fuzzy-logic methods) to the social sciences.

Prior to getting her doctorate, Dr Fabri graduated MSc in Public Sector Economics from the University of York and read for her first degree in economics from the University of Malta.

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