During the launch of Malta’s new national employment policy on Tuesday, providing the country with a strategy, challenges and opportunities for the workforce up until 2030, Stephanie Fabri, an economist who contributed to said policy, stressed the importance of better education for better wages.

“The economic analysis is clear, we cannot keep beating around the bush: we cannot have better wages without any effort. Education is the key for better wages and a better quality of life,” Dr Fabri told the audience during her presentation at the employment policy’s launch.

Dr Fabri pointed out that this policy document is not simply based on a detailed economic analysis, but it involves a widespread consultation with over 250 business leaders, different social partners, and a survey with 4,000 employees.

She also noted that the vision being presented is there to prepare Malta's workforce for tomorrow's economy and is built on 40 recommendations that target employees, business owners and institutions of work. These recommendations are aimed at providing employees with the right tools for them to improve their quality of life and standard of living.

Dr Fabri is well known locally as a seasoned economist and a respected lecturer at the University of Malta.

She described the opportunity to address the audience at the launch and the opportunity to contribute as an “honour”.

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