eCabs has partnered with Noovle Malta Ltd, the international branch of Noovle S.p.A, part of TIM group and their main partner Google, to carry out a machine learning project, which serves as the next chapter in the evolution of the state-of-the-art mobility company’s platform.

The project supports eCabs in moving onto its new generation of software and laying the foundations of AI through cutting-edge machine learning solutions to power the company’s soon-to-be international platform.

In the project’s framework, eCabs team members work hand in hand with Noovle and Google experts, allowing the Malta-based tech company to leverage the multitude of its data points through the Google Machine Learning Platform to empower real-time, machine-enabled analysis and real time actions. This will allow the eCabs platform to make faster, more efficient, and more effective decisions based on market supply and demand.

The project objectives seek to elevate eCabs’ technology to the intended next level in support of the company’s internationalisation plans by allowing instant, consistent and scalable improvement to its proprietary platform. The technology will enhance the optimised user experience for drivers and passengers by learning from automated decisions rooted in big data processing.

eCabs Chief Technology Officer Luca di Michele said: “It is to our delight that we are collaborating with such expertise on the global market leading in machine learning platform, on such an important project that see us move into our next generation of software development.”

As the next step in this project, eCabs is planning to use its data to create the future of self-learning software in its vertical, which shall be able to scale quickly based on big-data-driven decisions made by the machine learning process. Through this ambitious undertaking, the technical teams of eCabs are exposed to a great learning curve as they work with the best of the best professionals in the field.

Mr di Michele added that “This is only the beginning. By improving our supply and demand analysis, we will be able to positively impact all other software components of our platform, such as estimated time of arrival and map mechanics to mention but a few examples. This is an important evolution of every aspect of the eCabs platform, which eventually boosts the data-driven aspect of our business by using automation.”

This machine learning collaboration comes after eCabs recently successfully migrated to the Google Cloud Platform.

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