David G. Curmi, who has been with MAPFRE MSV Life since October 2001, confirmed to WhosWho.mt that he has chosen to step down from his position as Chief Executive Officer of the leading insurance firm. 

Mr Curmi occupied the post of General Manager for the first 10 years of his journey with MAPFRE MSV Life, after which he took on the role of Chief Executive Officer.

Speaking of his time with the company as “a very good period in [his] life” for the “excellent experience” gained, Mr Curmi praised the insurance firm and highlighted its “solid financial position”.

Asked whether his decision has anything to do with his appointment as Executive Chairman with Air Malta, Mr Curmi confirmed as much, stressing that with the mammoth challenges posed by COVID-19 to the aviation sector, the role will require much of his attention and energy.

His appointment to the new role with the national airline was announced last month, and is effective from 1st January 2021.

Speaking of the appointment, Finance Minister Clyde Caruana had said:

“Air Malta is a key strategic asset for our country, it employs hundreds of people and is crucial to our connectivity needs as an island. That is why we want to see it grow stronger, and I believe Mr Curmi can help achieve this aim.”

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