Bread and confectionary producer Danish Bakery Limited is investing in a more efficient and sustainable air conditioning system, after benefitting from Malta Enterprise's Smart and Sustainable Investment Grant Scheme. This system, known as adiabatic, makes use of water to cool air.

During a visit by Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise Miriam Dalli and Malta Enterprise CEO Kurt Farrugia, Danish Bakery Chairman Alex Mallia and CEO Ian Genuis detailed the ongoing works within the company. Mr Mallia explained how the investment is strengthening the company’s competitiveness, adding that it is “benefitting from almost the maximum of the eligible assistance”.

Danish Bakery

The scheme seeks to assist companies to operate more sustainably. It addresses five types of investments targeting different areas: efficient use of water, sustainable materials which increase the lifecycle of the product and therefore make it easier to recycle, better waste management and use of resources, digital processes to enhance customer care and quality of service, and efficient use of energy.

It is intended for companies investing in sustainable projects with a minimum investment of €10,000, with eligible companies receiving an assistance of 50 per cent of the investment, up to €50,000. Additionally, companies operating in Gozo which have been established for more than three years, or with projects that will drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions, may also benefit from a tax credit of up to €20,000.

“At present, we are seeing how we can further invest in operations on various levels to strengthen our resilience,” Mr Mallia added.

“Within Malta Enterprise, we find individuals who understand our needs within our company and how we can expand,” he concluded.

Minister Dalli highlighted the need for each sector, including the economic sector, to “work in favour of the environment and sustainability”.

“We are working with enterprises to continue encouraging the use of energy efficiency and reduction of emissions within their operations,” she said, adding that “such investments contribute positively towards the environment, whilst creating new career opportunities, especially in the green economy: green jobs”.

Minister Dalli reiterated the Ministry and Malta Enterprise’s commitment to strengthening “economic development based on sustainability and digitisation”.

Danish Bakery

DOI / Jeremy Wonnacott

Mr Farrugia added that the scheme has generated a significant amount of interest from businesses on how “they should address operations processes and identify changes towards more sustainable and digital processes”.

“As Malta Enterprise, we are constantly visiting companies from various sectors, such as the manufacturing and service industry, and explaining how they can benefit from different schemes,” he added.

Danish Bakery is the company behind popular baked goods and confectionary brand Jesper’s, which seeks to produce “all types of bread to ensure the whole family may enjoy it as part of a healthy and balanced diet”. Its raw materials are sourced from different corners of the world to ensure consumers get products which are “genuine, stay fresh longer, and taste delicious”.

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DOI / Jeremy Wonnacott

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