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Business Profile

We are a start-up established in August 2018, specialising in additive manufacturing applications.

3D Printing is a fairly new technology compared to traditional manufacturing that has been around since the 1980s. Recent advances in materials, techniques and electronics gave new life to this technology, making it the future of manufacturing.

We believe that, with our processes and techniques, we can push this technology to new heights. We strongly believe that 3D Printing is the next industrial revolution.

In our short life as a company, we have delivered a vast range of projects, including:

• Interior design

• Fashion

• Architectural models

• Part manufacturing

• Tooling manufacturing

• Prototyping

• Medical device production and design

• Prosthetic design

• Digital dentistry

• Trophy manufacturing

We have also taken part in EU-funded research projects and beta-tested new materials and machinery.

Our customers include:

• Electrogas

• Hugo’s Hotel


• Methode Electronics

• Toly

• Lovin Malta

• Delta Summit


• Malta AI & Blockchain Summit

Our main goal is to bring additive manufacturing directly to the customer.

We offer negligible lead times, zero tooling costs and infinite customisation, options that traditional manufacturing processes, like injection moulding, do not offer.

As the world shifts from mass manufacturing to mass customisation, Invent 3D is pushing what is considered possible with additive manufacturing.

Here are some of our numbers:

100+ printers

3 Technologies (SLA, FDM, SLS)

Designers, engineers, specialists.

Official Partners

  • GO
  • express trailers
  • express trailers
  • mca
  • PTL
  • trade
  • HSBC