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Fiduciary Services
Fiduciary Services


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Trusts can act as a focal point for family assets, simplifying administration whilst protecting and guiding wealth as it passes between generations. An opportunity to plan, protect and invest.At Bentley Trust, we can work closely with your Bentley Reid adviser or another chosen professional to establish entities that complement a broader wealth planning exercise, helping deliver your long term objectives.With authorised and regulated trust companies in Malta and Hong Kong, we offer efficient, compliant administration of trust assets for wealthy individuals, their families and charities. We are experienced in trust, foundation and company formation and administer trusts that are written under a variety of proper laws.Our trust companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Bentley Reid Group, with independent boards and management teams. Our trust companies do not suffer from the short-term profit pressure, excessive bureaucracy and high staff turnover that often plague larger trust companies or those that are owned by banks and private equity interests.With access to in-house tax professionals, we can ensure the on-going compliance of administered entities, managing affairs in light of evolving legislation. Bentley Trust is focused on delivering enduring family structures.

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