Founded in 1972 by Gul Mohnani, Universal Import and Export Limited (UIEL) began its journey catering to Malta's burgeoning textile industry. Over the decades, the company demonstrated remarkable adaptability, transitioning from a textile-focused business to a versatile provider of industrial products and solutions as the textile sector in Malta waned.

Today, UIEL has evolved beyond being just a supplier of industrial products. It now serves as a strategic consultant and solutions provider, dedicated to assisting clients in achieving their production goals and enhancing their competitiveness. The company’s comprehensive portfolio includes:

• Packaging materials

• Industrial machines

• Labels and printers

• Adhesives and sealants

• Health and safety equipment

• Marine products

• Various niche technical products

UIEL supports a wide range of industries in Malta, including electronics, food, pharmaceuticals, medical, marine, aluminium, woodwork, and plastics sectors. The company prides itself on delivering end-to-end solutions that streamline production processes and improve operational efficiency.

Strategic Direction

UIEL continues to embrace its founder’s vision by focusing on providing turnkey solutions that meet the specific needs of the manufacturing industry. Leveraging decades of experience, continuous technological research, and strategic diversification, UIEL adds significant value to its services.

Key Strategic Initiatives:

Automation Implementation: UIEL is integrating advanced automation systems to enhance clients' competitiveness, cost-effectiveness, and operational resilience.

Geographical Expansion: The company plans to expand its core business into new markets, offering its comprehensive solutions to additional manufacturing industries globally.

Technological Innovation: Continuous research on the latest technologies ensures that UIEL remains at the forefront of industrial advancements, providing cutting-edge solutions to its clients.

By transforming from a product supplier to a strategic partner in manufacturing solutions, UIEL is committed to driving innovation and growth for its clients, ensuring their success and competitiveness in the global market.

Chief Executive Officer: Alistair Buttigieg Vella

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