Sullivan Maritime provides a multitude of valuable services in the shipping sector, enriched by its expertise and experience.

Sullivan Maritime guarantees a highly personalised, attentive customer service, utilising a specialised documentation system for all cargo.

It ensures the smooth, efficient handling of clients’ requirements across a broad range of services; shipping a vast range of cargo from any origin to any destination, importing/exporting hazardous materials and providing storage requirements.

Sullivan Maritime can offer truly competitive rates to clients, whether a company or an individual. Clients can expect value, efficiency and reliability, and Sullivan Maritime prides itself on the quality offered in all its services.

For more than a century, spanning four generations, the Sullivan family has operated and managed businesses in sectors including shipping, hospitality and finance.

Malta’s strategic geographical position and strong maritime tradition contributed to these sectors being lucrative opportunities.

The shipping sector has become synonymous with the family name of Sullivan, with an excellent reputation for services globally.

Sullivan Maritime’s competence in achieving client satisfaction across a comprehensive range of support services is directly related to the importance it places on its human resources. A dynamic and energetic team of both qualified and experienced professionals operates the organisation.

Sullivan Maritime's offices are ideally located in Malta’s capital city, Valletta, on St Barbara Bastion overlooking the Grand Harbour.

The company is well established in the local business community with strategic networks and links in place with all key stakeholders connected to the shipping industry, both locally and internationally.

Chief Executive Officer: Ernest Ellul Sullivan

Director: Karl Sullivan

Commercial Executive: Nigel Sullivan

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