Strand Palace Agencies Ltd is a dynamic and proactive family-run company, which has been in business for over 120 years.

Founded in 1900 by Lawrence Calleja as Colonial Stores, it started operating as a grocery store in the historic city of Cospicua, with a subsidiary outlet in Sliema. John Calleja, son of Lawrence Calleja, extended the business by creating a distribution company in the 1940s. Strand Palace Stores was subsequently developed into Strand Palace Agencies Limited, when Ray Calleja took over the business from the late John Calleja.

The company ventured into new horizons with the opening of manufacturing plants producing various confectionery products under the TOPSY brand and the Twistees snack.

Steve Calleja, the present managing director of the company, and his late brother, John Calleja, together with their father, Ray Calleja, continued to expand the company by becoming agents and representatives of a number of prestigious international food brands.

After 120 years, Strand Palace Agencies is still a thriving family-run business with Zoe, John and Julia being the fifth-generation members.

The portfolio of products and brands which Stand Palace Agencies Ltd represents, and which have been built over the years, are divided into:

  • Ambient
  • Chilled
  • Frozen
  • Fresh
  • Beverages
  • Wines
  • Household
  • Pet Foods

Some of its impressive portfolio brands include some of the best loved and most recognisable brands in the world:

  • Pladis – Mcvities, Ulker, Go ahead!, Carr’s, Crawfords, Jacobs
  • Lactalis – Galbani, Bridel,
  • Intersnack – K.P. snacks
  • Iavazzo – Ice cream cones
  • British Premium Foods, Sausages, Bacon
  • Calnort, Bullion and mixes
  • AB Mauri Cake Mixes
  • Olio Basso
  • and many more.

With a constant investment programme in personnel, latest technology in manufacturing, temperature control vehicles and cold storage facilities, the company achieves the highest standard of direct distribution to all the relevant outlets in Malta and Gozo.

The company distributes to all the supermarkets, mini markets, grocers, wholesalers, pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, bars, kiosks and cinemas, ensuring total efficient distribution coverage all over the islands. Its highly trained and experienced team of sales representatives, together with a team of merchandisers and promoters, visit these outlets on a weekly basis, transmitting orders in real time and offering a next day delivery service, thus providing 100 per cent customer support and customer satisfaction.

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