Buddy is an easy to use cloud payroll software that enables business owners, accountants and HR Professionals to compute payroll accurately and efficiently.

Being a self-funded business that focuses solely on payroll, Buddy says it has only one focus:

To be the world’s leading payroll software.

This means that its priorities are not only customer-led but also customer-centric. This leads to a rich pipeline of product enhancements that give value to clients and their employees, by constantly making the payroll process smoother.

In addition to core payroll functionality, Buddy also provides businesses with:

• Absence & Vacation Management via App

• Clock-in/out functionality via App

• Work from Home Scheduling

• Integrations with Punch Clocks and T&A solutions

• T&A Payroll Engine to pay employees based on industry and business-specific payment rules

• FS3, FS4, FS5 and FS7 on official government templates

Since its inception in 2018, Buddy has computed payroll accurately and provided easy-to-read payslips for thousands of employees.

The flexibility in its payroll engine has not only seen it attract businesses from various industries but also work with businesses of different sizes. In fact, Buddy’s payroll solution powers anywhere from single-person companies up to Malta’s largest fast-food chain.

In addition to a best-in-class solution, Buddy also operates a fair-pricing model. The unique credit-based system means that customers are never charged for employees that no longer work for the business.

Buddy’s growth and easy-to-use software have also attracted interest in foreign shores, with expansion into international markets on the horizon. With the UK edition already available, the team looks forward to placing Malta on the international technology map.

Co-Founder and CEO: David Seisun

Co-Founder and CTO: Jonathan Mifsud

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