Charlene Dalli Mintoff has been appointed Director on Retail Marketing Ltd's board, the Group that owns and operates Welbee's Supermarkets.

Through this, Ms Dalli Mintoff will succeed her father Ray Mintoff, who has been “a leader in the supermarket and FMCG industry for the past 45 years.”

She has been involved in the supermarket industry “since a very young age”, directly contributing to the Group, namely Shoppers Supermarket, later Valyou Supermarket, after which it merged with seven other supermarkets to form the Welbee’s brand.

Afterwards she was also appointed the Group’s first Head of Sales and Marketing.

Speaking on the announcement, Ms Dalli Mintoff said: “I am truly honoured to take on this responsibility and challenge as our industry continues to evolve in order to respond to the ever-changing needs of our customers and the environment we operate in.”

“We are proud to successfully cater for the everyday needs of an increasingly discerning customer base,” she added.

Ms Dalli Mintoff concluded that “Value and quality for our customers remain my core missions as I take over from my father, who always endeavoured to create new synergies with a broad array of players from complementing and neighbouring sectors to elevate the supermarket industry whilst constantly driving customer loyalty.”

She was appointed on the board by the Mintoff family, one of the shareholders in the business.

After bringing his 45-year career to a close, Mr Mintoff thanked all those “who made it all possible along the way,” while also auguring every success and future growth to the Group.

Retail Marketing is a group of supermarkets in Malta, with a network that spreads across different areas of the country, describing itself as “the biggest retail chain on the island.”

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