Farsons Group held its annual Cause for Applause and All Ideas Matter (AIM) awards for employees at the start of this month during an event organised at Kettles Café and Bistro at The Brewhouse in Mriehel.

Launched in 2015, the Cause for Applause awards reward individual employees who are seen as “role models of excellence”, shown through their consistency in attitude, integrity, respect, motivation, and dynamism in their daily work life and beyond.

Farsons Awards

From left: Group HR Manager Antoinette Caruana, Chairman Louis A. Farrugia, Ivan Lomax, Christopher Micallef, Group CEO Norman Aquilina, Ajith Raveendran Pezhumchuvattil, and Elena Chetcuti

This year’s winners were Elena Chetcuti, who was awarded the Zest Award; Ivan Lomax, awarded the Wellness Award; Ajith Raveendran Pezhumchuvattil, awarded the Shine & Sparkle Award, while Christopher Micallef was the winner of the Cause for Applause Award.

Special Recognition Awards were presented to both the Farsonsdirect and Human Resources (HR) teams. The former was recognised for its efforts and dedication shown during 2021, particularly during the last quarter of the year, while the latter was awarded for its “strong commitment, loyalty, and continuous efforts” during the past year despite the various challenges encountered.

The AIM Awards, which recognise the top three suggestions submitted during the last financial year, were also handed out during the event. This provides employees the opportunity to suggest how they believe their work processes can be improved, thus “promoting a culture of continuous development”. Angelo Muscat was rewarded for his can-washing idea with The Best Suggestion Award.

“The employees recognised at these awards are excellent role models, however we like to believe that the majority of our employees have also embraced the company’s sound ethical values towards fellow colleagues, clients and customers, and our stakeholders,” Group HR Manager Antoinette Caruana said when commenting on the event.

“The contribution of every employee makes a difference towards our achievements,” she added.

Engaged in a number of industries, such as beer and beverage brewing and the wholesale and retail of food and beverages, Farsons Group has steadily established itself as a leader in an array of industries through its extensive portfolio of brands, including Cisk Lager and Kinnie.

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