Bank of Valletta (BOV) staff have rallied together in an effort to raise funds to help vulnerable women who, due to domestic violence, homelessness and other difficulties such as addiction, mental health, relationship and familial issues, are forced to live in shelters.

The effort saw staff, including those working remotely, shed their usual work attires and instead wear the colour purple.

“At BOV, we believe that it is our duty to assist as much as we can in the community. The pandemic brought to light the inequality between genders, and this is even more evident in the number of women who seek shelter from abusive conditions”, stated a spokesperson from the bank.

The fundraising initiative was part of the bank’s ESG commitment towards the UN SDG goals of eliminating gender inequality and poverty. 

The Bank topped up the funds collected by its staff members and donated them to Dar Merħba Bik, Dar Maria Dolores and Dar Tereża Spinelli, three shelters that strive to help women "achieve their dignity and independence". 

At the moment, we are all going through a tough time, but for these women, the pandemic layered on additional hardships.  We hope that our contribution will ease the suffering experienced by vulnerable women and we encourage other companies and individuals to follow our staff’s example", added the spokesperson.

“Such shelters bestow a lot of dedication and support to vulnerable women, protecting them from crime and abuse whilst offering a safe space until they get back on their feet and regain back an independent and stable life free from abuse”, she concluded.

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