Last week, the bank issued a notice on the Malta Stock Exchange calling on those with relevant qualifications, competence and experience to show their interest in joining its Board of Directors as independent, non-executive members.

“First and foremost, we had been considering that this was a good practice to embrace, now that we’re a public listed bank with 3000+ shareholders,” says Dr Bray.

However, the move also comes in a context where companies are finding it increasingly difficult to have suitable individuals to sit on their boards as independent Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) - especially banks.

In fact, the role was recently the subject of a dedicated panel discussion during the Family Business Forum.

Dr Bray explains that “not only are director responsibilities onerous, but companies must constantly ensure that they have a competent and diverse board with respect to educational and professional backgrounds, age, gender, appointment and tenure.”

She adds that finding candidates with such attributes and the time available to commit to the role in an effective manner becomes “challenging and at times daunting.”

“Such public calls should permit us to ‘cast a wide net’ and reach out to local and international spheres unknown to our usual circles.”

Applications considered to conform to the bank’s suitability criteria and regulatory requirements will be registered in the Nominations Pool and evaluated by the Nominations & Remuneration Committee.

APS Bank highlighted that inclusion in the pool does not automatically trigger a nomination for appointment to the Board.

Asked why the bank opted to make the call via a company announcement rather than an advert or press release, Dr Bray replies: “We went for a company announcement because it’s the right channel - it provides information to the market openly and transparently about an important corporate office, especially now that 30 per cent of the bank’s shareholding is in public hands.”

Interested persons are requested to submit a detailed curriculum vitae and covering letter to the Company Secretary at APS Centre, Tower Street, Birkirkara BKR 4012, Malta, or via email on [email protected].

“The call is open until 30th November so there is ample time for the public and the market to respond to it, which is what we want,” concludes Dr Bray.

Further information on this call and of the Non-Executive Director profile is available here.

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