With 30 years of expertise and professional service under its belt, Malta-based AIS Technology design and install expert end-to-end technology solutions. The company specialises in developing integrated systems which automate and simplify day-to-day business operations.

And, over the past few years, consumers, businesses, and governments have been focusing their attention on integrating IoT (Internet of Things) solutions in energy management systems. This is where AIS Technology comes in, leveraging advanced technologies that give way to smart grids, reduced costs, improved security and enhanced efficiency.

Indeed, there are various benefits one can achieve when IoT is integrated within energy management systems:

Reducing energy costs

The economic benefit is a major reason why companies and governments are exploring IoT. Various efficient ways can help the industry to better control spending and eliminate waste. These include smart metering, monitoring of power in real-time, and data-driven predictions.


Reducing carbon emissions

On a daily basis, the need to reduce carbon footprint is ever-increasing, reflected by recent laws and regulations. Reducing energy consumption goes hand-in-hand with this need. IoT-based energy systems help companies to reduce their carbon footprint by:

  • Maximising resource-efficiency
  • Automatically measuring environmental impact to help pinpoint issues
  • Guiding future-proof energy strategies which aid in the transition to net-zero emissions

Automated processes

Utilities, power distributors, and producers are doing more than implementing a standard energy management system. With the use of IoT, they are modernising their operational systems with smarter solutions. By making use of IoT-based monitoring systems, producers can:

  • Automate on-site asset management, lowering their costs
  • Improve maintenance operations
  • Rely on power consumption data to automate dynamic pricing calculations

Reducing operational expenses

IoT-integrated energy management solutions allow companies to automate their energy systems. These automatic systems therefore optimise the workforce and effectively reduce operational costs. In fact, such systems reduce time and effort spent on energy analysis, reporting, and calculations by 60 per cent. The BMS solution also enhances the lifetime of electronics and appliances, reducing the need to replace them every few years.

A Case Study: AIS Technology provided a custom IoT Solution to increase energy efficiency through a Building Management System

A client of AIS Technology got in touch to provide a solution whereby they required to:

  • Access and control their building systems
  • Monitor and optimise their energy consumption
  • Control and adjust air temperature
  • Monitor all heat pumps
  • Improve ventilation and indoor air quality

AIS installed its tailor-made Building Management System (BMS) solution driven by IoT. The client now benefits from centralised control of the building's air-conditioning, ventilation, heating, lighting, and other utility systems. By comparing real-time measurements to pre-set markers, the BMS can automatically detect and quickly react to changes.

Being fit-for-purpose, the BMS is easy to use and customise. The client can now monitor all building systems and adjust to their needs. With the end-user’s objectives in mind, the automated system works in the background, eliminating the need for daily input by personnel. The IoT-driven BMS also collects and stores all energy-related data. The secure data can be viewed at any time by authorised personnel, giving the client comfort and peace of mind.

This is just one example of how IoT can enhance a company’s operational efficiency. By using integrated devices and streamlined communications, AIS offers solutions that make day-to-day operations manageable, efficient and cost-effective.

Whilst also improving your building’s energy efficiency one can also take advantage of the available energy efficiency grants. With grants of up to €15 million available, all geared toward sustainability and energy efficiency, there’s no excuse not to seize this opportunity.

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