Equating Corinthia Palace with first-rate hospitality and high-calibre comfort is not a novel idea. Now, Malta’s pioneer in upmarket elegance brings a new wave of luxury to the island. Adding to its allure this autumn is Athenaeum Spa, the place to begin your wellness and healing journey.

The spa’s reopening comes at a decidedly perfect moment in 2020 – just when we could all use a moment of respite, away from the year’s unprecedented trials and tribulations. Our all-round physical health and mental wellbeing have never been more critical, and this lies at the core of Athenaeum’s launch as a place of calm amidst the chaos.

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Not only is Athenaeum Malta’s newest and most luxurious spa, but it is an uplifting and holistic experience like no other on the island. Every aspect of your wellness journey here has been carefully curated. Stepping through a Mediterranean garden of local plants and herbs, you’ll start each visit enveloped in a sense of place and calm.

Athenaeum’s seamless indoor-outdoor oasis is the escape you need to bring radiance to your skin and renew your sense of inner tranquillity. The spa itself has been designed to leave all troubles far from the door, giving you time for your mind, body and little else.

athenaeum spa

"Athenaeum Spa is all about personalisation. It does not try to be everything for everyone, but instead replaces cookie-cutter spa experiences with a customised opportunity for you to re-centre yourself and bring your mind into focus. Every aspect of the spa’s redesign has been crafted to give you the moment of pampering you need.

"You’ll be invited to make the most of the spa’s thermal Vitality Suite with its sauna, steam room, vitality pool and heated marble beds, followed by the Serenity Lounge and terrace, nail bar, indoor pool, jacuzzi and large outdoor pool," says the newly appointed spa director, Michelle Reynolds.

Fantastic facilities are only the beginning. Since originally opening its doors in 1989, Corinthia Palace’s spa has trailblazed across the luxury and wellness sectors in Malta.

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Athenaeum’s revamp again takes things to the next level. To create the perfect antidote to stress and adversity, Athenaeum’s team has now brought ESPA to Malta: the world-renowned luxury skincare brand. ESPA fits in perfectly with Athenaeum’s holistic philosophy that brings mind and body into peaceful alignment.

ESPA’s luxury and natural products deliver a profoundly sensorial experience and results that you can see and feel. From ESPA facials and massages, you can choose a range of therapies that are infused with mood-enhancing aromatics, botanicals and essential oils. You’re also invited to consult with Athenaeum’s experts to create a selection of treatments that will work just right for you.

By bringing ESPA to Malta, Corinthia Palace now joins other first-class ESPA spas across the world, including Corinthia London’s flagship ESPA Life, Royal Spa at Corinthia Budapest and The Spa at Corinthia Lisbon. That said, Athenaeum’s celebration of Malta’s Mediterranean climate and unique culture and heritage set it apart and raise the bar across Corinthia’s own portfolio of hotels and spas.

In fact, Athenaeum has also brought Dr Raina Rodrigues (née Zarb Adami) on board, who joins the team with expertise from her London Harley Street Clinic, Aesthetic Virtue.

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Dr Rodrigues is an aesthetic physician, and her team offers unparalleled facial treatments that are combined with medical standards to deliver top-tier rejuvenation therapies. After a one-to-one consultation, you could choose from chemical peels, microneedling, botox, dermal fillers, laser hair reduction and more.

Not soon after entering will you realise that it is the people who make it possible for Athenaeum to bring you Malta’s ultimate experience in wellness. Their knowledge and expertise enable them to treat each visitor as an individual. You’ll find that their personalised skincare and wellness recommendations are an ideal way to kickstart some serious self-care.

For more information on Corinthia Palace or Athenaeum Spa, visit
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