Tony Fiorini was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Ozo Group Ltd with effect from June 2017. “My responsibility,” he explains, “is to oversee the financial activities of the Group and strengthen the Finance Department in line with the growth experienced in recent years.

A Certified Public Accountant, he is a member of the Malta Institute of Accountants and holds a Professional Certificate in Taxation issued by the Malta Institute of Taxation.

Mr Fiorini has worked in the hospitality industry for 17 years, including 10 as Financial Controller. For the past decade, he occupied senior management positions, including that of Chief Financial Officer, within a Group of companies having internationally listed subsidiaries operating in the manufacturing industry.

The Ozo Group was set up in 1996  and specialises in the outsourcing and services industries, employing more than 3,000 workers across the board. In 2016, research conducted by the London Stock Exchange listed it among 1,000 companies that inspire Europe. The Ozo Group has been a full member of the London Stock Exchange Group’s Elite programme since November 2018.

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