Stefano Mallia has been dealing with EU issues and EU funding well before Malta actually joined the EU. He is today the Partner responsible for EU Business Advisory at EMCS Ltd. Furthermore, he is President of the European Employers’ Group in Brussels representing more than 20 million companies throughout the EU. Stefano is considered to be one of Malta’s leading experts on European Affairs.

Mr Mallia tells that “as a company, EMCS has been involved in the design and formulation of almost all the key EU funding programmes for Malta including the recently launched Operational Programmes covering the period 2021-2027. Furthermore, we have continued to obtain EU funding for the private sector with a very high success rate.”

Stefano has served as President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, President of the Malta Business Bureau and Board Member of the European Chamber of Commerce. He has also occupied various other business posts both locally and abroad and sits on the board of St Julian’s Maritime, an independent European yacht leasing company.

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