Ever since her childhood, Gabriella Ilse Viscuso, who was born in Sicily in 1981, harboured a particular urge to seek understanding of herself and the truth of the world we live in. “This,” she admits, “has led me to have a strong and sincere passion for studying the components of the human being, the universe within us, the visible and the non-visible aspects of consciousness.”

A graduate in clinical psychology with a Master's degree in criminology, her great curiosity pushed her to get involved in psychosomatics, academic research in criminology and, later, in paths of awareness and hypnosis.

“I have always had a great vocation for human resources, dealing with facilitating and guiding professionals in search of their undiscovered talent and combining their qualities with the best companies on the international scene,” Ms Viscuso asserts.

She is very passionate about mindfulness writing and regularly publishes scientific articles and books on spirituality and awareness topics.

Get in touch: gviscuso@mrecruitment.eu

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